The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is an organization consisting of businesses and individuals. Members are invited to participate in business activities which develop, promote, and enhance community image. They also focus on business-to-business, and business to-government development, and communications as well as attracting new businesses and industry to the area.

At our planning retreat your Board of Directors identified the following priorities:

  • Continue a "value received" plan for small business
  • Attract, retain, communicate with, and service members
  • Represent our members' best interest at all levels of government
  • Enhance support and services given to existing business both large and small
  • Work to attract new industry
  • Enhance the quality of life in our area
  • Promote tourism in and around the community of Deer Park

Let's build on Deer Park's successes, meet its new challenges and create an even better place to live and do business.

Jon Thompson, Chairman of the Board
Deer Park Chamber of Commerce
     Tim Culp, President
Deer Park Chamber of Commerce